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The Coaching Team

Meet Our Coaching Team


Founder & CEO

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Utx Solihull Manager

I started dancing in when I was 12 years old I loved learning new things. once working for Urbantrix Academy I started learning tricking and gained much experience in it. 

Achievements: Touring round the country Dancing with various companies,

created my own clothing brand and made it to

semi finals of sky 1 Got To Dance TV Show. 


Future Goals: Following my music Career path.  

JJ Battell

Tricking Coach


Started training: I started tricking in 2012 and had been doing martial arts for a number of years prior to that. 

Biggest accomplishments: World and European titles in Martial arts, Adrenaline Professional Tricking Athlete, Top 16 finish at HOOKED 2019, 2nd Place Team Event HOOKED 2019, 2nd Place No Gravity Portugal 2019. 

Future Goals: Stunt Performer


 Dance/Tricking Coach

I began training at utx in 2014 focusing on tricking in order to gain skills to enhance my dancing, which then evolved into training and eventually coaching too. I am now studying at university and my future goal is to create costumes for stage and screen working alongside dancers and stunt performers.


Parkour Coach


Started training: January 2013 

Biggest accomplishments: Placed in the top ten in biggest UK  Pakour competetion

Future Goals: To compete globally
And to travel across the world

Jay Knight

Tricking Coach

Started training:

I began with "Ninja training" in Spring of 2007 (I was 14).. Me and my friends just wanted to be ninjas but were unknowingly learning the basics of Parkour.
Oct 2008 is when my Tricking truly began.


Biggest accomplishments:

in terms of Tricks:
Dubdub (22)
Triple cork


Future Goals:

I really want to land dubdubdub (222) that has been a Tricking goal for so long. I've still got gas in the tank for it so it's gonna be a fun challenge! 
My long term goal though is to just be able to trick when I'm 40+ so taking care of my body is key.


Martial Arts/ Tricking Coach


Started training: Starting kickboxing age 4, started competing in forms age 13
Biggest accomplishments: 5 world titles, Irish open champion x3 

Future Goals: Opening my own martial arts school alongside Utx 


Tricking/parkour Coach

I started tricking in April 2018 At a trampoline park called airspace. I fell in love with it instantly now I'm hooked.

My biggest achievement is Landing a double cork. Double cork was my goal when I started tricking so it feels great to stomp it.

from here I hope to keep pushing myself towards being the best I can be both as a tricker and a coach.

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