Freerunning and Parkour

A breath-taking blend of martial arts kicks, acrobatic flips and freestyle gymnastics. Tricking skills and techniques will be taught safely and progressively alongside improving the coordination, flexibility, balance and strength.

A form of urban acrobatics where participants will run, jump, climb and balance across a range of obstacles. Within our classes, we focus on developing fundamental attributes for movement such as functional strength, fitness, balance, spatial awareness and coordination. 


This athletic style of street dance involves intricate footwork, creative transitions, incredible power moves and freezes that show tremendous balance and strength. Our instructor will focus on technique and choreography to develop freestyle skills and confidence that translate to other areas of dance. 

Performance Martial Arts

A non-contact performance based martial arts where participants will develop punches, kicks and stances, thrown in with weapons, twists, flips and tricks. Our students will develop their discipline, balance and control regardless of whether they are looking to compete or train recreationally. 

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Our Facilities 
Martial arts flooring

Our martial arts flooring is made of an impact-absorbing foam material. This plays a vital role in keeping our students safe. 

Food and drink

The in-house cafe and seating area is stocked with a variety of hot and cold food and beverages... Perfect for parents and students alike!

Pads and mats

Our academy is equipped with a range of industry-standard equipment.

Free parking

Our Valley Evesham venue has free on-site parking, with only a short walk to the gym.

1st Floor
Fundamental Movement Academy
Unit 42 The Valley
WR11 4DS
In Association with Active Herefordshire & Worcestershire,

UTX Academy will be running Weekly Martial Arts Tricks & Flips classes.

For any queries about classes or prices, please Contact Us Directly.